Remember Her Name (2019)

instrumentation: orchestra
Sami’s passing inspired a swell of emotions for me, all of which I strive to portray in “Remember Her Name.” This piece is both my interpretation of the tragedy and a reflection of my cousin’s life. The first section features String harmonics and a yearning solo Violin melody illustrating a somber and nostalgic tone. As the Brass fade in with an ascending low string line, it almost seems as if her beautiful young spirit is rising. The developed theme is now evolving with more anguish and momentum as it crescendos to the climax. The third section evokes the awareness of a nation, rocked by this news, resulting in frustration, anger, and confusion. After a driving build up, fragments of the main theme scatter through a mosaic of light colors to reflect the innocence of childhood and her lasting impact. #SamiStrong;
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