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Remember Her Name

On March 29, 2019, my cousin Samantha Josephson accidentally stepped into what she thought was her Uber. Samantha lost her life that night after she was kidnapped and murdered by the man who was driving this fake Uber. This event shook my family as well as the entire nation. In an immediate response to this ever so tragic night, Samantha’s parents Seymour and Marci established the WHATSMYNAME Foundation in order to educate the world about the importance of ride share safety. They have completely shattered the old standards of ride share etiquette, bringing in new customs: advising rideshare customers to match the license plate on the app, ask the driver “what’s my name?”, further background checks to drivers, and many others. Aside from Samantha being my cousin, this is incredibly important to me because I am a regular Uber and Lyft customer. Therefore, I intend to be safe and remember the protocol established by my cousin’s foundation.

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