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instrumentation: oboe and piano


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Sonata for Oboe and Piano

The first movement of Sonata for Oboe and Piano is titled “Song Without Words.” The flowing oboe melody is accompanied by luscious yet playful harmonies. The initial motif weaves throughout the piece.

“Dark Room Writing” was composed in a dark basement when the power was out! The six-note motif is developed through melodic embellishment and rhythmic and textural variations including the piano. The loneliness and ambiance of the writing session are captured through echo-like gestures in the high register of the piano through polyrhythms. The rhythmic complexity of the movement creates a push-and-pull sensation, conflicting with the slow tempo. At moments in the piece, the oboist is asked to slow down their vibrato to create an introspective sensation.

“Tribal Dance” features a 12-tone row and its inversion, which is outlined by the piano at the beginning of the movement. While the movement does not follow strict serialism, it does present the 12-tone row in order but emphasizes C, to depict a sense of tonal home. The row is presented through contrasting articulations and phrasing.

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