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instrumentation: 2 baroque violins, baroque bassoon, and harpsichord


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Distortion for Baroque Instruments

Distortion for Baroque Instruments explores ways of “distorting” tonality aside from purely using dissonance. Stylistic elements of baroque music are featured and are constantly transforming. A tonal melody journeys through harmonic and rhythmic roadblocks and interruptions to resemble a baroque piece of music distorting through an amp. Ornamental figures, which derive from this melody, are rhythmically varied sporadically. Common harmonic devices, like sequences, provides a predictable outlet to then harmonically shift and bend. Contemporary and Baroque features are applied to each instrument’s cadenza. The piece does not start tonal then end atonal, in fact it constantly shifts back and forth providing whit and an unexpected nature in a Baroque idiom - like a time machine trip malfunction!

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